About Little Boogie Machine

Little Boogie Machine were formed in the late 1980s quite by chance, when Phil Haygarth bumped into old school friends Richard Critchlow and Richard Hannaford on a train journey back home to the north west from London. After a few drinks, Rich and Rich (who became the rhythm section) were persuaded by Phil’s untamed enthusiasm to form a band, so Phil dashed home to tell his brother Dave what he had signed him up for.

A few days later, with almost no rehearsal, Phil blagged them a gig at ‘The Brown Cow’ in Lancaster and the Little Boogie Machine negotiated its way through a two-hour set, which culminated with punters dancing on the tables. And that has how it started – almost literally a ‘boogie machine’ – mostly it is about the ‘live’ thing, getting in a groove and working it, improvising on a knife edge, tight but loose, and always with lots of smiles, humour – and even sarcasm in the background.

There have been a couple of BBC studio sessions (1994 and 2001), produced in London by Leon Ford, but mostly LBM played live gigs regularly in pubs and clubs around the UK (and even created an impact on a few weddings) until the mid noughties, when child birth and mastitis took over. Recently the foursome have been pulled back together and are looking forward to their fourth decade….. Onward into a new decade of blended blues riffs and rhythm – just like Grandma used to bake.