A new decade, and a reunion

The Little Boogie Machine will have officially spanned four decades at their next gig in Arkholme on 10th July (a private function) – that’s gigs in the¬†eighties, nineties, naughties and teenies. How old do you think that makes us all feel?!

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2 Responses to A new decade, and a reunion

  1. I hope we can still cook up a groove and get-on-down-inside-that-funky-thing. I will arrange for some photos maybe a vid and some audio from 10th July – so we can post it on here for the world to decide for themselves! cheers Phil

  2. Richard Critchlow says:

    Being a professional in the world of TV and Video and audio and stuff I’d like to offer my services as drummer. Although, on balance I may be better off behind a camera than a drum kit. Let the abuse begin!

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